Regardless of which college you choose to attend, you will most likely have to attend class for at least one summer semester.

During the summer semester, you might want to look for a summer job. There are a few reasons that acquiring a summer job is a good idea:

  • Stowing away some cash during the summer can help you pay bills next year, pay some tuition and book expenses and generally set you up for the next academic year.
  • During the summer, the class load is usually a lot less, meaning that working through the summer semester is a lot easier to balance
  • Some financial aid can only being applied during the Fall and Spring semesters. Having a job can supplement the loss of aid.

When it comes to the process of actually acquiring a job, the following 3 tips can help navigate the job market:

1. Network, network, network

A lot of jobs are never advertised because they are filled through networking. If your sister generally works as a lifeguard during the summer, she’s likely to know when new lifeguards are needed. She can tell a friend, and if they apply, the job is never advertised.

Job search strategists think that 70 to 80 percent of all jobs are filled through networking. Tell everyone you know you’re looking for a summer job. Mention it to professors if you’re comfortable doing that. Tell your friends down the hall and on the next floor.

2. Keep an eye out for “help wanted” signs

Since we live in a digital age, people tend to look online for jobs. However, don’t neglect nondigital methods, because they are everywhere. Grocery stores, retail stores and other employers like Starbucks post small signs saying “we’re hiring” when they are.

Keep an eye peeled, because the notices are often unobtrusive. Once you see one, make sure you’re dressed appropriate, because some employers will conduct on-the-spot interviews and submit an application!

3. Search online with keywords

Yes, we are all for digital searching! A lot of jobs are posted online. One good trick: if you’re looking for a summer job only, use the advanced search feature. Put “summer job” or “seasonal” in as one of your key words.

Which methods have you used to get a great summer job? What was your favorite summer job? Let us know about your summer employment experience in the comment section below.

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