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recent reviews
Unhealthy living and mistreatment
By: JR on July 19, 2017
Our complaints for Farmer’s Exchange (FE)and Rent Athens (RA) go far beyond what can fit. The more dangerous points: 1) HEALTH: first and foremost, our unit and FE in general, was a health hazard that RA ignored. I have high quality, dated photos showing the uninhabitable nature of the unit through the year. Highlights: a. ANIMAL WASTE: Rat, mouse, cockroach waste falling from the ceiling every night, covering our beds, shelves, floor. We sweep off kitchen table and beds when guests come. Got traps from maintenance in response but did not catch a rat or mouse all year. Thus, the attic is overflowing with waste. b. CHEMICAL: Monthly chemicals spraying for vermin in kitchen. Ok, but we were never told or offered alternatives. RA says they told us. We checked lease and every email conversation, not true. My wife is pregnant, would love to have known chemicals were sprayed so we didn’t eat a cookie dropped on the floor and have our child permanently damaged. c. MOLD: in the bricks, windows, under sinks. Disgusting. d. LEAD: opened my door one morning to find a sign on the floor (hopefully not from my door) said “DANGER: LEAD WORK AREA, MAY DAMAGE FERTILITY OR THE UNBORN CHILD, CAUSES DAMAGE TO THE CENTRAL NERVOUS SYSTEM, DO NOT EAT OR DRINK OR SMOKE IN THIS AREA.” My wife is pregnant. No one told us this was happening nearby. No one put this on the proper door or moved it from the floor for over a week, and then we moved out. 2) DEPOSIT: We kept the place super clean. RA did not fix the paint they said they would. RA gave us a filthy, mold covered, beat up apartment. Despite us photographing everything and writing extensive notes on the move-in sheet, RA took over half of our deposit for things already there, including: a. $90 “maid service” for two hairs under the sink, bathroom we didn’t use, in the mold filled concave cesspool we were scared to touch but had written about in the move-in inspection and cleaned around. Unit was far cleaner than they gave it to us (I have photos) b. $450 for paint, despite an incredible amount of marks on the wall that we wrote in the move in sheet. When asked for specifics, he pointed out a grey mark. I wiped it off. He said it was too late, charged $450. c. I asked to speak to the manager, he said he was the manager. I asked why he was charging so much, he said he was just following numbers “they” gave him. When I went to talk to “they” at the office, they said the guy that did my inspection was the highest level employee.
Rated : 1/5 (1 Vote)
By: Yvette on June 28, 2017
Worst place I've ever lived, they like to con people out of their money. They'll make it seem as though you only pay utilities for your apartment, but no it's for the ENTIRE complex. It's already the end of my lease come July I got charged 3 utility bills
Rated : 5/5 (1 Vote)
Garbage, look elsewhere
By: Daniel M Chapman on June 16, 2017
Way overpriced and management is rude. Look elsewhere for more affordable options in Newark with larger apartments. Make sure to read the lease very carefully because they will tell you whatever they can when you are looking at an apartment. Grounds look nice though.
Rated : 5/5 (1 Vote)
Home away from home
By: mjgould on June 14, 2017
This is my first home away from home and honestly it is the best. The prices are great and you get what you pay for. I love green space they have because there is plenty of shade due to all of the trees. They also have plenty of tables outside. I love the distance to downtown as well as to UT campus. I never have to worry about getting to downtown or school because the busses run constantly. I love that HEB is right around the corner and almost every fast food place you can think of is right down the street. The river is right down the street as well and since the apartments are pet friendly I am able to take my dog on beautiful walks. I love how big the bedrooms are! They are about the size of a dorm room in Jester and they are for only one person! The built in desk is also great although I do not use it much to study. I think the best part is that internet and cable is provided. The internet is never slow for me and if there's an issue with it CampusNet fixes it really quickly. The cable is also amazing mostly because I can get all of the HGTV my heart wants. The community events are also pretty great. Mostly because who doesn't want free food? I do wish that there were more 'bonding' community events to help residence become friends. I am definitely glad that I chose the Ballpark East to be my first home away from home while I attend the University of Texas. I am so glad I renewed my lease for the next year!
Rated : 5/5 (1 Vote)
Avoid if possible! Criminal management
By: Jessica on June 7, 2017
Do not rent here unless you like getting robbed. The management will go as far as falsifying damages to charge you more or to avoid paying back any of your deposit. This company is known for various illegal development problems around Boulder. If you sign any lease with them they will take all they can from you while denying you maintenance to fix basic necessities in your apartment. Please try to find somewhere else to rent for your own sake!
Rated : 1/5 (1 Vote)
Unfairly cheated out of deposit
By: Ni Ra on April 28, 2017
The worst service I have ever received. After submitting our application, we were told that we would know the outcome of our application in 3-5 days. We didn't hear anything for weeks and had to constantly call them to ask for an update. Finally after 4 weeks, they told us that our application was approved and that we had 3 days to respond to them. I called them on the 3rd day and the person that I spoke with (Ashley) told me that I had one more day. When I called them the next day, they said that 3 days were up and our refund will not be given back. I told them that I acted on the information given by Ashley herself, but the manager refused to listen. "I don't care what information you received from our office, we won't refund the deposit", these were the exact words spoken by the manager to me. I repeat, the worst ever service by the leasing office people and we have been unfairly cheated out of our deposit. DO NOT EVER APPLY HERE!!!!
Rated : 1/5 (1 Vote)
Look Elsewhere
By: Conner on April 24, 2017
All the vistas has going for it is its location and 1 or 2 friendly employees in the leasing office. They do a great job of making these apartments seem like the best place to be until you sign your lease and move in. I once read the horrible reviews before moving in, but I was convinced that only a handful of residents were upset with their stay. Only months into living here I learned that I had been played. I learned from maintenance that in order to finish building the complex in time for the move in date everything was rushed, leading to cracks running through the walls in my living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Also, a good majority of residents including me cannot open our balcony doors because of how much the frame is shifting. The building is literally crumbling from the inside out. Not to mention, it is infested with cockroaches from the first story all the way to the fifth. But don't bother seeking any help/attention from managers, as they are some of the most lucrative and twisted people i have ever dealt with. For example, I learned after attempting to resign my lease, that the vistas had leased my apartment to a higher paying customer without telling me, causing me to scramble to find a new place to live. If you take away anything from this review, let it be that management is a disgrace to customer care once you sign that lease, and that the vistas is often joked about among students for being the most disgusting place to live near campus. I fully recommend not taking any chances on this property, as there are countless better options which are less than one mile away.
Rated : 5/5 (1 Vote)
Will B.
By: William on April 12, 2017
I've lived off-campus for the majority of my collegiate career at Clemson University. That said, I found myself fortunate enough to not only stay in Clemson's Loft Apartments but, I lived here for over 3 years. I lived at Clemson Lofts starting the Spring Semester of my freshman year, all the way through graduation. I thought then (first year) what I do now, it's hands-down the niceest place in Clemson (including the swanky hotels they have you stay in when you visit here the first time). Everything they said they have, they had/have. Do they have 50 tanning beds, no. They have three, god forbid you might have to wait in line (damn, tough deal right?). I know students that talk trash about this place while they're standing in line at the only student tanning beds in town (free, mind you). Those people are 10000% idiots. I would read through with caution and try to judge them based on face value, plain and simple. I got to play pool almost as often as I'd like, chill by the pool in the summer, and relax in my industrialized style apartment in the winter. I mentioned the tanning beds right lol? Parking is decent to open most days, the place is clean, staff is friendly and seems to not only have a decent understanding of repairing stuff but, appears to actually give a damn about the spoiled bratz that occasionally infest the halls (and apparently this site as well. To cut-to-the-chase; Clemson Lofts is the best place in town by a long-shot. Must be a reason I and every other student/tenant in here had to pre-lease a year in advance to get a chance to live here. My (this) generation complains about nothing or just to hear themself cry more often than I'd like to admit. I'd recommend this place in a heartbeat. I do wholeheartedly recommend Clemson Lofts. Not only as an off-campus, student housing solution but, by-a-mile the best overall student housing solution in alllll of Clemson. Happy hunting freshman :p
Rated : 4/5 (1 Vote)
By: Katty Lynch on March 28, 2017
I had a great experience living here. The people working were always kind and helpful. The prices were amazing for the location. Plus, they allow pets! I got to live with my dog which is impossible to find on campus. I would recommend this place to anyone.
Rated : 5/5 (1 Vote)
Terrible Management
By: Joy Johnson on March 17, 2017
This week I realized how badly The Retreat at College Station, under Landmark Properties, is to their residents. Several of us have been in dispute over our utility bills. In my case, I returned to the cottage I rent after being away for over a month to find that my heat had been turned on high and left running 24/7. It seems the property had let people in to take out the thermostat. I immediately notified Brightan, a manager at the leasing office, of the issue and I was given full assurance that my bill would be taken care of as long as I could show that my previous bills were significantly smaller. As soon as I saw my bill was over $200 when I usually pay about $30 dollars I gave them the evidence they needed. Worse yet my next bill was over $100 dollars because the heat had been left running on high over two billing cycles. That makes the total over $300. They decide to credit my rent $100 as full compensation. Of course, I let them know that this is unacceptable and unfair. Christine who had been handling my case suddenly stops working at the Retreat. Today I find that they simply took the bill amount from my retreat account which I still had money on. This with no notice at all. Naïvely I had believed The Retreat at College Station / Landmark Properties would do right by me. I'm left trying to figure out where to come up with the extra money to pay the STILL outstanding electricity bill with SimpleBills, their third party vendor, and pay rent in a few weeks. This incident is a series of misfortune that I have had to deal with since moving in. From mold, termites, broken heating in winter time, and more. I'm usually not one to complain online but people need to know what they are getting into with this place. I would hate for others to be victimized.
Rated : 1/5 (1 Vote)
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