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very sketchy
By: Devin Gibeck on February 12, 2017
Stay away from these people. The management will put you through the ropes if you are not approved right away. the had me wait three weeks, so they could "look into my information and see if they could get me approved". Then they told me i was approved and to bring in my security deposit, set up the electric and gas and put everything in my name. i did all of that the same day and then they tell me that their managaer had to check into something so i let them do that so i waited a day called them back and they told me that even after they told me i was accepted that corporate told them that my credit wasnt good enough and that i was denied. after setting up all the bills in my name. giving them my deposit. which they put into their system without me even being approved on their end. and now they tell me i have to wait a month to get my 800 dollars back because they put it in their system already. without me being approved like they told me i was. the day after i gave it to them. they are really sketchy and they beat around the bush alot giving you false information.
Rated : 1/5 (1 Vote)
BEWARE!!!! Worst Apartments EVER!!!!!
By: Jayne Doe on January 21, 2017
Units are in very poor conditions. (Wished I could post pictures on here) Dirty Smelly Carpets, Roaches, Maintenance NEVER fixes anything right
Rated : 1/5 (1 Vote)
By: Are utilities furnished on December 15, 2016
Do not sign a lease here! I signed a lease back in March, and in the summer I found out that I wouldn't be able to go back to school. With the "new management" that took over, they were extremely unhelpful and rude. I paid all of the fees I needed to pay, racking up into hundreds of dollars and found someone to take over my lease. I DO NOT HAVE A LEASE WITH THEM ANYMORE AND I NEVER MOVED INTO THE APARTMENT. I now find out that I have a debt collector in Georgia coming after me for a $100 fine that Gateway issued in my name for the 'damages and cleaning that was needed when you moved out'. Again, I NEVER MOVED IN. I am a 19 year old college student and this 'debt' is going to remain on my record. My lawyer is currently speaking with the agency to get me out of this insane fine. Gateway is harassing, they are rude, they are unhelpful. I would never recommend this apartment complex to anyone.
Rated : 1/5 (1 Vote)
By: Juan Leguizamon on December 9, 2016
I have been living in a 3/3 and I have loved it! The proximity to campus, the reliable buses, the office staff, and amenities have all added to the positive aspects of living here. It is a very affordable living option for students and they even serve the residents breakfast every Friday morning! I recommend considering living here if you are looking for apartments in Gainesville!
Rated : 5/5 (3 Votes)
By: Are utilities furnished on November 22, 2016
infested with roaches.
Rated : 5/5 (1 Vote)
Avoid This Complex
By: Steve Jackson on October 23, 2016
Newer complex, near UNC Charlotte campus. Amenities appear nice but poor maintenance makes enjoyment challenging. Simple things, like 'free' WiFi often inoperable, meaning one has to use one's own cell phone data. Rapidly degrading facility, shoddy construction, with very poor local management; high turnover of inattentive staff. Facility is actually owned by a west coast corporation that overrides local staff decisions. Corporate management has active policy to charge tenants inflated costs to 'refurbish' apartments after move-out, with no recourse. Fees rapidly equal one months' extra rent. Be warned. Avoid renting here. Many other nicer places are available.
Rated : 5/5 (1 Vote)
By: cindy robinson on October 4, 2016
RIP YOU OFF with $30 late fees every chance they can. They offer an online payment link that has gliches. I paid through it and got a $30 late charge the next day (4th of every month!). We've been paying on time for over a year. No reversals of late fee by the very RUDE office staff. My daughter had to wait days for a proper key and had limited access to her apt.
Rated : 5/5 (2 Votes)
New Management
By: Manager The Rail on August 3, 2016
“FROM THE RAIL MANAGEMENT: The Rail underwent a large-scale renovation over the last year, which included upgrading amenities, common areas and the interiors of our spacious apartments. With so many changes happening the property experienced some growing pains during this time. Our new management team here to ensure that you have a great experience as a resident of The Rail community. We’re proud to now have one of the best pools in College Station and a huge clubhouse for your enjoyment! The apartments have been completely updated and look fantastic. We think your friends and family will be quite impressed when they come to visit. We also have new specials on our apartments for the 2016-2017 year!! Please contact us so we can show you around our beautiful property: | 979.693.7656”
Rated : 5/5 (1 Vote)
Not for the squeamish
By: Jane on June 23, 2016
There are pros and cons to this place and to be honest, more cons. The complex is in a convenient location. It is a little goofy having it being on a one way street but the light rail is close, like less than half a mile. It's quiet because there is no landscape to maintain. Actually one of the reasons I moved here was because there would not be the loud blowers on a Saturday morning. The price here is comparable to the market but there is no covered parking, the units are old and run down including old and beat up appliances, laundry room is not maintained (broken units and usually dirty) and it's unlocked all the time allowing for homeless to go into it, lighting is not consistent and dark in most of the complex, pool is locked more that unlocked, trash all over, and the public picnic tables aren't even functioning (broken). There are so many other apartments, and for the same price, even with an eviction, one can get with much better conditions. I am the odd duck that loves the train though. That is one of the other reasons I moved here and I am right by it - Choo Choo. There has been bug infestation issues but it was short. Management had someone out to spray right away. Anytime I have had an issue, maintenance was there when they said they would and fixed the issue. However, there are a lot of homeless people digging through the dumpsters and that in it's self is a concern for safety, especially if you have children. They are trying to fix it up. They have been gutting out units and remodeling. They have been adding patios to the existing units. However, it may be too late to meet the level of clientèle the management company wants. They want to rent the units out and charge like a 3 or 4 star apartment. There is much to change and there will be a long transition before they get to a point of getting market value for each unit, though they still try charging prices like they have reached the point of being a 4 or 5 star complex. I like living here because my unit is doable but it is more expensive than it should cost. These apartments, even the ones in good condition, should only charge 500 a month for a one bedroom because of all the other conditions tenants have to endure. The current tenants, even if all the other issues were rid of, are concerning. There is a lot of drug activity here and many other illegal shenanigans. One of the first things the management company should of did is hire a security company. This place is pretty creepy. If you are a simple person and have a high tolerance for things out of your control and pretty low expectations, this is the place. It is a rare breed that feels content here.
Rated : 2/5 (1 Vote)
By: valeria soto-hernandez on June 1, 2016
my fridge hasn't worked since I moved here melts everything then refreezes it , my dish washer has black water for two months now because they refuse to fix it , my sink has been broken for 3 months they also refuse to fix that because they say they have a waiting list for maintenance . I have mold in the bathroom which they also refuse to address . there are cops here at least 3 times a week , lots of domestic violence issues , forget about having a restful sleep since people tend to be out more at 2 am then at 2 pm honestly worst place to live do not live here you'll deeply regret it .There are many drug related issues that management refuses to acknowledge even after police involvement .
Rated : 4/5 (1 Vote)
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