Practicing a few summer cleaning tasks throughout the summer is a great way to stay busy before the fall semester kicks back into gear.

One of the issues many college students have when the typical school year begins is getting back into the swing of studying, writing papers, etc. Procrastination can set in easily due to the more relaxed nature of the summer. Obviously, having a job or internship during the summer is one way to keep busy. However, there are two other methods for avoiding procrastination:

  • Once you finally being working on your major (usually will start in your Junior year, but sometimes sooner depending on course load), most of the colleges or schools within major universities requires students to take classes during the summer.
  • The other way to keep up on healthy habits during the summer is to take some time to clean your living space throughout the summer. Cleaning will keep you in the routine of always having something to work on similar to studying or writing papers for college.

The following cleaning tips will help you stay on task when it comes to cleaning during the summer.

Summer Cleaning Tips

Do one room at a time. Tackling one room at a time will make cleaning seem less intimidating and give you a sense of accomplishment. Start in one spot and work around the room in a circle so you don’t miss anything and can see progress.

Remove clutter and junk first. Sort and remove old, useless or unwanted items from cabinets, under sinks or in closets. Toss expired make-up and food. Ask yourself, “How important is it?” and trash or donate items if they aren’t necessary.

Refresh your window treatments. Take your curtains down and clean them according to the directions on the tag. Most curtains can just be washed in the machine. Use a vacuum brush attachment or an old sock to remove dust from your blinds.

Tackle dust on surfaces. Use microfiber cloths to wipe down TVs, computer screens, furniture and any hard dusty surface. They pick up dust well and are easily available at the dollar store.

Disinfect hard surfaces. Disposable disinfectant wipes work great on surfaces in the bathroom such as sinks and toilets. You can also use them on kitchen counters and to clean door knobs, light switches, cabinet handles or any frequently touched spot.

Tackle your floors last. Dust mop hard wood floors, vacuum carpets and mop tile or linoleum floors. When you sweep, brush everything to the center of the room to contain it. Vacuum from the furthest corner and work towards the door to avoid footprints. Approach wet mopping the same way to avoid mopping yourself into a corner.

What are your favorite shortcuts for summer cleaning and avoiding procrastination? Let us know about your experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. I’m usually cleaning up after my sibling anyways so I know that I’ll stay in that healthy habit. I’m just curious what it’ll be like when I move into student housing on my own. For the past eighteen years I’ve lived with my family, and now I’ll be out on my own. It’s just crazy to think about.

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