Pets are wonderful companions, but first you need to decide which apartment-appropriate pets are indeed a good fit in your new home.

You’ve just moved into your new apartment! You’re very excited to begin living there.

You’re also very excited to have a pet – kitten, dog, even a canary.

Whoa. Before bringing your pet to their new home, think about which pets are appropriate for apartments. Here are 3 crucial keys for deciding which pets are apartment-appropriate:

Size of Apartment

Your pet needs to fit your apartment. A super-large dog is not going to feel incredibly comfortable in an apartment. Even spacious college apartments are not really set up for dogs the size of Labradors, to say nothing of Irish setters, collies, etc. They may not have enough room to roam, let alone space to themselves. Don’t make your dog, roommates or landlord uncomfortable with a dog who takes up too much space in the bedroom or living room.


When it comes to taking your landlords preferences under consideration, be sure that the pet you’re thinking of is permitted in the lease. Most apartments allow cats, dogs and birds. However, if your beloved Furry is a gerbil, pet pig or a raccoon, check it out with the landlord first. Having a pet not allowed by the lease is grounds for being evicted.


Make sure you can take care of your pet along with all your other responsibilities. If she’s a cat, you’ll have to clean the litter box and put in fresh litter. If he’s a dog, you’ll have to walk. All pets need to be fed. Your college life is going to be busy. Make sure you can give them the TLC they need. If you’re not going to have room in your schedule to do these things, the pet is not appropriate for you right now.

Have you had issues with keeping a pet in an apartment? What are some concerns that you have with keeping a pet in an apartments? Let us know about your pet experiences in the comment section below.