The average age of a college freshman is 18 years old.

At 18 years of age, if your child cannot use a laundry machine or navigate the process of making mac and cheese, it’s time to let them figure it out.

That being said, it can be hard to realize that your baby is now somewhat of an adult. You don’t need to cut all ties and throw them to the sharks, but you do need to let them flounder.

It’s human to mess up your laundry every once in awhile. It’s okay if they burn a frozen pizza.

The best advice for parental involvement in a college student’s life is to be supportive but set boundaries. Instead of talking every day try to set a weekly time where you are all free to talk for an hour or two and catch up.

Instead of telling them how to do everything little thing in their apartment, let them use the internet and try themselves.
Coddling them at this point will hurt them more then it will help them.

By all means, go up and help them move in. Even stay the night if you want and let them show you around, but this is their space and their college experience.

Learning how to deal with mistakes is part of college and life.

There is no answer for exactly how involved to be, no solution to missing them around the house and no way to stop time so they stay home.

However, there is great joy in realizing that you’ve raised a semi-responsible adult that can maneuver the college atmosphere without your help.

The average college freshman is 18 years old, and they will always love coming home.

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