Roommates can make for perfect study partners. Finding an appropriate place to study, becomes easier when you live with your classmates.

If you’re living with a roommate or two in a small apartment, you likely have problems finding a private place to study outside of your bedroom. For college students this is a big issue and it can become an even bigger problem if you discover your roommate really enjoys having friends over.

Here are some ways to make studying with roommates a bit easier.

Track Down a Desk — Studying while lounging on the couch or a bed is a great way to fall asleep, but not such a great way to get work done. To study effectively you will want to own a desk. However, there is absolutely no reason to pay full price for this piece. Instead, go garage sale hunting, peruse Craigslist and ask friends and family what they might have sitting around. If you find something less than pretty to look at, you can always spruce it up with paint and maybe even a bit of découpage.

Create Privacy — This can be a tough step to carry out. Many students have luck setting up their space in the bedroom. However, just like studying on the bed or couch can lead to lazy study habits, solely studying in your bedroom can also hamper your scholastic success. A potential solution is to setup a space and time in the dining area that can only be used for studying.

Find Focus — Focusing can be tough when there are exciting things happening in other parts of your home. If you find yourself getting distracted, try putting in some earbuds and listening to music or white noise. You can also help improve your focus by removing distractions from the room, such as turning off your phone and tv. In addition to those distractions, studying from a laptop can make it all too easy to watch the last clip on YouTube or start binge watching a new Netflix series. The best way to remove the temptations is to print out all lecture notes, slides and study guides, then you can focus your study goals towards what’s on a physical page.

These suggestions should improve your study habits.

Do you have any additional studying suggestions, while you’re living among roommates? Let us know about your experiences in the comments sections below.

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