Probably the last thing on any guy’s mind is how to decorate their college apartment.

 In most cases, this is your first time where your mom isn’t there to help you or making decor just appear from nowhere. So before you throw in the towel and surround yourself with white walls, READ BELOW.

Here’s some decorating advice:

  • If you hang up curtain rods, then you have to hang up curtains
    • This is an odd thing to have to explain but somehow it keeps happening. The rod alone is nothing, it serves no purpose. Plus curtains can block out light and give you more time to ignore the sun as it shines through your window.
  • Frame your Flags
    • So easy and it can add so much to the whole room. Don’t feel like hanging up some weird painting? Take your favorite flag and get it framed. Not only will it take up a ton of wall space but it’s just more respectful to frame.
  • Get your beer pong table mounted
    • Think of it like mounting a bike. You can take it down whenever you want to use it but when you don’t need it, it can hang and be out of the way. Also, there are companies that will make them custom so they’ll cover a whole wall and look good.
  • Put a blackboard in the kitchen area
    • You can write notes, party rules or just scribble but it’s easy to clean and nothing says man cave like chalk.
  • Beer Can Candles
    • Not a joke. There are tons of companies online (Click here) that turn old beer cans into candles. They set the mood and cover up any other smells residing in your apartment.


Don’t live in white walls. Take 15 minutes out of your day and hang something up, anything will work. If all else fails, call your mom and she’ll probably be more then happy to help.

Are you a guy who decorated your own apartment? Share your tips below.

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