There is a big difference between 1 mile and 5 miles. When looking for an apartment by school, keep in mind how distance works.

         Being close to campus can be a huge positive for a complex. Having the ability to walk to class, the school, gym or any other campus activities can save a lot of time and money.

           The best way to find a great apartment by your school is to walk around. Try to get one free weekday (most complexes open by 9 am) throw your sneakers on and hit the neighborhoods surrounding your school.

         If location is a big deal, then you won’t want something that is out of walking range. There are awesome apartments online that are only 5 miles from campus.

But 5 miles is far.

You may not want to commit to driving to class every day.

       Consider this when touring. If you can’t walk to the apartment you’re looking at from school then it may be too far for you.

       Additionally, this is a great way to test if you need your car in college. Try every path and figure out which complex meets your needs.

If you have to drive to find the apartment, that means you’ll likely have to drive to get anywhere you need.

      Keep this in mind for going out as well. Is the best nightlife in your college area close to school? If the answer is yes then a walking distance apartment could save you money on your Uber bill.

     Walk around and talk to people.

     Remember, there is a big difference between 1 mile and 5 miles. If living close to campus if your goal then the best way to find a great apartment is to discover it yourself

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