College is a big change. But, moving from your dorm to an apartment is even bigger. This is your first real taste of freedom and the adult world. It can take a bit of adjusting to make yourself comfortable.
Start by trying to make your room feel as homey as possible. Hang up your pictures, make the bed with your sheets. It’s a new environment but it doesn’t have to feel so alien like.
Not just in your room, decorations can go a long way in making more personal. Keeping everything in their boxes will make you feel like a visitor in your own home.
Unpack your boxes and take a deep breath.
Do a walk around and get familiar with the light switches and power outlets.
Next, try to figure out your shower. Nothing is more annoying than awkwardly having to figure out your shower while you stand there naked.
If possible try to move in a few days before classes start. This will allow you to explore the area and adjust without the stress of school.
A new apartment is stressful. Move -in day will be hectic and crowded. Take some time to focus on how you feel about your new home and make it your own.

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