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Whistlebury Condominiums apartments 86 North Avenue, Athens, Georgia 30601
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About Whistlebury Condominiums Apartments

Whistlebury has a unique style of its own. It was established to provide the finest standard of living with you in mind. Budding flowers and stunning greenery lace the land all in the comfort of your backyard. Get pleasure from taking a leisurely walk downtown to experience finer dining, shopping, and outdoor activities. Whistlebury exhibits optimum qualities ranging from exterior stone & stucco veneer to distinguishing interior features providing a place where you will find it all.

Whistlebury Condominiums Amenities

Washer/Dryer :

Washer/Dryer in Unit

Proximity :

Close to Downtown

Close to Restaurants

Close to Shopping

Interior Features :

Ceiling Fans

Plenty of Closet Space

Wood/Wood-Style Floors

Kitchen :

Fully equipped Kitchen

Granite Countertops

Stainless Steel Appliances

Bedrooms :

Private Bathrooms

Walk-In Closets

floorplans and prices
4BR / 4BA | 1594 Sq Ft | $Call for Price
4BR / 4BA | 1476 Sq Ft | $Call for Price
4BR / 4BA | 1394 Sq Ft | $1680
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