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About Seattle

Ranked the #1 fastest-growing big city in America by the U.S. Census Beaurau in 2015, Seattle is an exciting place to call home. Seattle, the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, sits perched on an isthmus and prides itself on a young, vibrant culture that’s both urbane and green-minded. International film festivals and a thriving music scene are part of what draws so many young professionals to the area (although the Boeing center, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, and Starbucks, Amazon, and Nordstrom’s headquarters don’t hurt things, either).  

Seattle’s size and limited land space keep housing on the expensive side and always in high demand. That demand also creates a multiplicity of options, however, sure to fit every student’s preference and needs.

Most University of Washington students can find housing north of campus in the University district. Two and three bedroom apartments abound in and around the University Village, although they take some planning to reserve as demand is so high. 

“The Ave,” an 8-block stretch of dining and shopping options geared towards college students and staff, is another popular place for student studios, as well as faculty housing.

Other students choose to look on the West side of campus near the Ship Canal Bridge, bordering the Portage Bay. These apartments are a little further from the Uni center but still an easy bike or bus ride away.

Seattle’s downtown cluster of schools (Seattle University, University of Northern Washington, and Washington State University, among others) have slightly fewer options close to campus due to high real estate prices and limited space. The Central District offers some accommodations in a working-class environment, and Madison Park more of a well-to-do vibe, and Capitol Hill mixes some new developments with historic homes and rentals. 


Other students choose to commute. Rainer Valley, West Seattle, and even a few neighborhoods across Lake Washington are home to student contingents. Proximity to bus routes is essential, however, as parking downtown can be a major challenge. Once you get in, however, Seattle is highly walkable (ranked eighth in the country in 2015).

Seattle Stats
State:  Washington
Incorporated: December 2, 1869
ZIP Code: Zip code[3] 98101 98119, 98121 98122, 98124 98127, 98129, 98131 98134, 98136, 98138 98139, 98141, 98144 98146, 98148, 98151, 98154 98155, 98158, 98160 98161, 98164 98166, 98168
Area Stats
City: 142.5 sq mi (369.2 km2)
Land: 83.87 sq mi (217.2 km2)
Water: 58.67 sq mi (152.0 km2)
Elevation: 0–520 ft (0–158 m)
City: 608,660

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