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Q : I have a question

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Q : Hello, I wanted to know your occupancy percentage this year? How many units are filled. We were the interior designer for this apartment and wanted to see how you all are doing! Thank you! Emily

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Q : Hello, I was wondering if you would have any 2 beds and 2 baths available by November.

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Q : Good evening, what are your rental rates for studio apartments?

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Q : The Milton says it is $120 on this website, if this isn't true, will you honor it since that is how it is posted?

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Q : Hi! My name is Gavin Lonadier. I am planning on attending TCC the following semester. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I have a prior eviction on my record. Anything I can do to negotiate a lease?

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Q : What is the breed restriction for the dogs? i have an emotion support animal and i was just curious

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Q : is the apartment furnished

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Q : Hi all! I’m looking for a studio apartment, for a short term, 4-5 weeks more or less...from October 1st

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Q : Do you guys take people with felonies?

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September 1, 2017

It was great my sophomore year. I loved the convenience of the gym, the pool, and the clubhouse. The sand volleyball court is fun too. Busses are constantly running to campus.

Naomi Langley.

Rated 5/5 (2 Votes)

Cabana Beach
December 9, 2016

I have been living in a 3/3 and I have loved it! The proximity to campus, the reliable buses, the office staff, and amenities have all added to the positive aspects of living ...

Juan Leguizamon.

Rated 5/5 (3 Votes)

Lexington Crossing
September 30, 2015

This apartment complex is pretty great. The meditation garden was my favorite. I always felt safe and it was one of the cleanest places I've lived.


Rated 5/5 (4 Votes)

The Bartram

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