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San Marbeya apartments 1720 E. Broadway Rd., Tempe, Arizona 85282
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About San Marbeya Apartments

Enjoy an exciting lifestyle in the heart of the vibrant, eclectic city of Tempe at San Marbeya apartments. Gorgeous custom interiors and a fantastic location make this new community the one you want to call home.


San Marbeya Amenities

Utilities/Services :

Water Included in Rent

Washer/Dryer :

Washer/Dryer in Unit

Proximity :

Close to Campus

On Bus Line

Lease Type :

Flexible Lease Terms

Interior Features :


Ceiling Fans


Kitchen :

Granite Countertops


Bedrooms :

Walk-In Closets

Community Features :

Computer Lab/Business Center

Dog Park

Gated Entry

Pets Considered

Professionally Landscaped

Entertainment :

Swimming Pool(s)

Volleyball Court(s)

Apartment Type :

Best Apartments

Gated Community

Luxury Apartments

Off-Campus Apartments

floorplans and prices
C3-1 | 1311 Sq Ft | $1539
B2-4 | 1142 Sq Ft | $1303
B2-3 | 1123 Sq Ft | $1379
B2-2 | 1124 Sq Ft | $1339
B2-1 | 1105 Sq Ft | $1544
A1-2 | 842 Sq Ft | $1059
A1-1 | 823 Sq Ft | $1039
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