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Riviera Village apartments 1532 South Price Road, Tempe, Arizona 85281
About Riviera Village Apartments

Located in beautiful Tempe, Arizona, Riviera Village Apartment Homes is ideal for those seeking the ultimate in convenience. Our ideal location puts you just minutes away from the fabulous Light rail and the best dining Tempe has to offer. Spacious single level one and two bedroom floor plans were creatively designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. The comfortable and inviting environment at Riviera Village Apartment Homes makes it the perfect choice for your new home!

Riviera Village Amenities

Utilities/Services :

On Site Management

On Site or 24 hour maintenance

Washer/Dryer :

Laundry Room on Property

Washer/Dryer Connections in Unit

Interior Features :


Ceiling Fans


Kitchen :




Bedrooms :

Walk-In Closets

Community Features :

Cats Allowed

Community Clubhouse

Computer Lab/Business Center

Dogs Allowed - Breed and weight restriction

Pet Friendly

Entertainment :

Barbeque Area(s)

Basketball Court(s)

Fitness Center

Picnic Area(s)


Swimming Pool(s)

floorplans and prices
One Bedroom Bungalow | 625 Sq Ft | $560
Two Bedroom Bungalow | 725 Sq Ft | $650
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RATE & review
Rated 2/5 (1 Vote)
recent Review

There are pros and cons to this place and to be honest, more cons. The complex is in a convenient location. It is a little goofy having it being on a one way street but the light rail is close, like less than half a mile. It's quiet because there is no landscape to maintain. Actually one of the reasons I moved here was because there would not be the loud blowers on a Saturday morning. The price here is comparable to the market but there is no covered parking, the units are old and run down including old and beat up appliances, laundry room is not maintained (broken units and usually dirty) and it's unlocked all the time allowing for homeless to go into it, lighting is not consistent and dark in most of the complex, pool is locked more that unlocked, trash all over, and the public picnic tables aren't even functioning (broken). There are so many other apartments, and for the same price, even with an eviction, one can get with much better conditions. I am the odd duck that loves the train though. That is one of the other reasons I moved here and I am right by it - Choo Choo. There has been bug infestation issues but it was short. Management had someone out to spray right away. Anytime I have had an issue, maintenance was there when they said they would and fixed the issue. However, there are a lot of homeless people digging through the dumpsters and that in it's self is a concern for safety, especially if you have children. They are trying to fix it up. They have been gutting out units and remodeling. They have been adding patios to the existing units. However, it may be too late to meet the level of clientèle the management company wants. They want to rent the units out and charge like a 3 or 4 star apartment. There is much to change and there will be a long transition before they get to a point of getting market value for each unit, though they still try charging prices like they have reached the point of being a 4 or 5 star complex. I like living here because my unit is doable but it is more expensive than it should cost. These apartments, even the ones in good condition, should only charge 500 a month for a one bedroom because of all the other conditions tenants have to endure. The current tenants, even if all the other issues were rid of, are concerning. There is a lot of drug activity here and many other illegal shenanigans. One of the first things the management company should of did is hire a security company. This place is pretty creepy. If you are a simple person and have a high tolerance for things out of your control and pretty low expectations, this is the place. It is a rare breed that feels content here.

Rated 2/5

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