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Pacific Shores apartments 1240 Shaffer Rd, Santa Cruz, California 95060
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About Pacific Shores Apartments

Put yourself in the view at Pacific Shores. 1 & 2 bedroom apartments for rent in beautiful Santa Cruz, CA, bring the California dream to you with garden-style elegance set among the redwoods, sea cliffs, and rich culture of an iconic city.

Close to University of California Santa Cruz and the famed Beach Boardwalk – between the banks of the San Lorenzo River and the surf – Pacific Shores immerses you in beachfront luxury.

Live among natural splendor, near everything you want and need on the Westside of Santa Cruz.

Pacific Shores Amenities

Washer/Dryer :

Washer/Dryer in Unit

Proximity :

Close to Campus

Close to Downtown

Close to Entertainment

Close to Restaurants

Close to Shopping

Near Lakes, Trails, or Parks

Parking :

Garage Available

Interior Features :




Community Features :


Computer Lab/Business Center

Nature Trail

Sun Deck

Entertainment :

Fitness Center


Swimming Pool(s)

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2BR / 2BA | 1016 Sq Ft | $Call for Price
1BR / 1BA | 817 Sq Ft | $Call for Price
1BR / 1BA | 790 Sq Ft | $Call for Price
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