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GRIGIO Tempe Town Lake apartments 1001 E. Playa del Norte Dr., Tempe, Arizona 85281
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About GRIGIO Tempe Town Lake Apartments

Welcome to Grigio Tempe Town Lake where we will exceed all of your expectations. We are perfectly situated in Tempe, Arizona. Our ideal location will place you within easy access to the Arizona State University campus and Tempe Marketplace that offers more than 100 shops, restaurants and clubs. We are less than a mile from the light rail and the 202 freeway access to get you anywhere in Tempe you need to be quickly and efficiently. We are proud to offer many amenities here at Grigio like an amazing roof top deck lounge, a two-level fitness center, and exceptional member's services. These are just a few of the advantages that Grigio Tempe Town Lake will offer you! We offer a variety of magnificently designed floor plans with many amenities you would expect like a washer and dryer and custom cabinetry. Come and tour our photo gallery or call us to schedule your personal tour and let us show you why living in luxury at Grigio Tempe Town Lake is the perfect way to experience life! You can logon to to view Picerne communities throughout Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tempe and Tucson. Picerne…welcoming you home since 1925.

GRIGIO Tempe Town Lake Amenities

Utilities/Services :

On Site or 24 hour maintenance

Washer/Dryer :

Washer/Dryer in Unit

Proximity :

Close to Campus

Close to Downtown

Parking :

Garage Included

Interior Features :

Fireplace Available


Kitchen :


Granite Countertops



Stainless Steel Appliances

Bedrooms :

Walk-In Closets

Community Features :

Community Clubhouse

Computer Lab/Business Center

Pet Friendly

Entertainment :

Fitness Center

Game/Media Room


Swimming Pool(s)

floorplans and prices
1a1 | 497 Sq Ft | $880
1b1 | 648 Sq Ft | $1050
1b1 Loft | 838 Sq Ft | $1125
1c1 | 703 Sq Ft | $1075
1c1 LFT | 898 Sq Ft | $1250
2a1 | 700 Sq Ft | $1095
2a2 | 723 Sq Ft | $1100
2b1 | 884 Sq Ft | $1146
2b2 | 934 Sq Ft | $1445
2b2 LFT | 1075 Sq Ft | $1550
2c2 | 1028 Sq Ft | $1475
2c2 LFT | 1193 Sq Ft | $1650
2d2 LFT | 1431 Sq Ft | $1735
2e2 LFT | 2375 Sq Ft | $3300
3a2 | 1178 Sq Ft | $2050
3b2 | 1585 Sq Ft | $2200
4a2 | 1235 Sq Ft | $2200
Studio S1 | 538 Sq Ft | $850
0a1 | 538 Sq Ft | $850
LFT1 | 660 Sq Ft | $1025
LFT2 | 713 Sq Ft | $1025
LFT3 | 1117 Sq Ft | $1600
LFT4 | 1309 Sq Ft | $1725
LFT5 | 1603 Sq Ft | $1925
LFT6 | 2101 Sq Ft | $2075
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    $1050-$880 | 1 - 4 Beds
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