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Condescending management, incompetent staff, horrible electricity issues, break-ins and gunfights, avoid at all costs. Note: The Bellamy has achieved an F by the Better Business Bureau for not responding to any of three separate complaints against the company. How do I even begin to describe my time at the Bellamy. First of all, I believe that the majority of the reviews you see around mine are fake. They mention obscure benefits of the community and are all far too positive and well written to be any less than positive marketing to cover the truth. So, let's start with safety: The gates are in place to only protect the Bellamy's property, which is stated almost directly in the lease. Even when they're not out of order, they're surely not keeping anyone from tailgating or squeezing in. Additionally, one of my personal experiences so far has been my apartment being forcefully broken into. Coming home from thanksgiving vacation with my family to my front door being kicked open was very disconcerting. An official police report was filed and the only reaction I got from the staff was "is there any damage to our property?" Really courteous. Finally, in I believe early December there was a full fledged shootout from one side of the street to the other, inside the gates near the building adjacent to mine. Clearly was a drug/gang related incident and multiple cops with dogs had to be called in to investigate. The Bellamy countered this event with a safety awareness flier over email without even letting people know what happened. Such honest people. Moving on to the management. Well for the majority of the time, the front office was managed by young, big headed --- holes, to be frank. There were a few incidents I had to describe to the property manager at the time such as "my apartment was broken into" to which she condescendingly interjected ".. Excuse me it's our apartment, you're just living in it." I understand that she is technically correct, but why the hell would there be a need to emphasize that? My entire experience with the staff was just like that, childish. When checking the facilities out they put up this incredibly deceiving facade of a high dollar lovely community, when in reality they're just as bad as the rest of the student housing communities. Another smaller gripe: They hold your packages until the end of the night when they log them, no exceptions, which got annoying to me when I worked second shift at a company, requiring me to pick it up the next day, which seems small, but having paid for two day shipping I would expect to be able to just request my package whenever I come in right? Especially if, like the person my family raised me to be, I'm courteous, patient, and understanding enough to wait for there to be no one waiting or working. Which leads me to the front desk. The front desk employees are useless, save for maybe one or two of them. The younger two gentleman were both collectively useless, b-something name. Paper pushers and tour guides at best. Numerous times I had asked for help with any of my issues that I encountered and I was always met with a "there's nothing I can do for you" or an "I'm sorry for your issues." They are the perfect examples of what happens when you pay young, inexperienced college grads too much. On to another subject. And I hope that if you're still reading at this point that you've recognized that this review is a pinpoint accurate recall of my terrible experience with them. Noise: generally the noise wasn't too bad, but there were a few young pricks with their stupid, illegally loud trucks. Also some fireworks, multiple of the aforementioned gunshots, etc... Not the quietest. Parking. Parking in this community has always been horrible, but this last year was the worst. Poorly developed parking lots create poor parking situations. Every semester at ECU was a battle for spots even remotely close to my apartment. Premium paid spots are offered but even still taken. In an attempt to make my own life easier I would Park near the clubhouse right outside of the gate, as my building was right next to it, only to return to my car with a slip threatening that my car, baring a Bellamy parking 2015 sticker, would be towed if it wasn't moved. They said it was reserved parking for future residents. Even though they never fill the parking lot and I pump them full of money.. The visitors lot, as they suggested, would be fine to park in. Only issue was the few thousand feet it was from my door. They also love parking the Bellamy transit vans outside of the employee parking zone, further limiting the parking. Good strategy, drive your current residents away. Seems smart. Also how many times does a business have to say "We are going to be re-gravelling the visitors lot" before actually following through? I mean I received like 3 fliers one door and through email and yet they have yet to touch the horribly pitted lot. The same stood for the parking inside the gates until they finally cheaper out and tar-coated it all. The maintenance and amenities were the only things that the apartment had going for it. So thank you for those. The most important thing to me is that no matter how many ------ things had to happen to me, no one at the complex ever tried to help me to feel any better about it. Two years of my life I felt unwelcomed. Just do some more searching, I insist.
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