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Cedar Trail apartments 4412 Ridgeway Circle, Kalamazoo, Michigan 49006
About Cedar Trail Apartments

Welcome to Cedar Trail Apartments, where quality and comfort meet. Enjoy such amenities as a swimming pool, a basketball court, and a clubhouse. Our on-site management will meet your needs in a friendly and efficient manner. Let Cedar Trail Apartments be your new home.

Cedar Trail Amenities

Proximity :

Close to Entertainment

Close to Restaurants

Close to Shopping

Parking :

Ample Parking

Covered Parking Available

Lease Type :

Normal lease (One lease per apartment)

Interior Features :


Kitchen :



Wood Cabinetry

Dining :

Dining Area

Community Features :

Professionally Landscaped

Entertainment :

Barbeque Area(s)

Basketball Court(s)

Fitness Center

Picnic Area(s)

Sand Volleyball Court(s)

Swimming Pool(s)

floorplans and prices
Garden | 600 Sq Ft | $545
1BR / 1BA | 720 Sq Ft | $565
Garden | 800 Sq Ft | $650
Garden | 820 Sq Ft | $660
Garden | 850 Sq Ft | $675

No Answer Yet.

A : There are pet restrictions. Please call 269.375.0200 for more information about the pet policy!

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