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Campus Walk apartments 401 Hathorn Road, Oxford, Mississippi 38655
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About Campus Walk Apartments

Campus Walk Apartments are available to undergraduate students, including transfer students, with 30 hours or more as well as graduate students. Males and females reside in separate apartments. Each apartment contains four bedrooms that include private baths. All apartments are furnished and have full-sized kitchens and laundry rooms. Amenities include washer/dryer in each apartment, volleyball court, basketball court, and fitness facilities. Residents sign a lease agreement for one full calendar year (fall semester, spring semester, and summer). Located on the outer perimeter of campus, Campus Walk is still within walking distance of all academic buildings and is close to OUT bus stops.

Campus Walk Amenities

Washer/Dryer :

Washer/Dryer in Unit

Proximity :

Close to Public Transit

On Campus

Walk to Campus

Lease Type :

Individual Leases

Interior Features :

Fully Furnished

Kitchen :


Fully equipped Kitchen



Dining :

Furnished Dining Area

Bedrooms :

Full-sized beds

Fully Furnished

Private Bathrooms

Entertainment :

Basketball Court(s)

Fitness Center

Volleyball Court(s)

Apartment Type :

Off-Campus Apartments

floorplans and prices
4 Bedroom | 1436 Sq Ft | $560
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