Steven Matthews - Davis Property Management :

"College Rentals is one of my most successful avenues for generating traffic to my community. I will definitely advertise on College Rentals in every market I oversee."

Matthew Hoch - Lexington Crossing :

"I can accurately say that the College Rentals website has generated over 250 inquiring pieces of traffic. On any given day I will receive 8 to 10 leads via email from the website. Each email contains simple questions that enable anyone in the office to reply back and assist the potential resident with any direct questions they may have. Of all the possible internet sources that I am currently using, College Rentals is ten times more effective in reaching the traffic that I am striving for."

Buddy Causey - University Commons, a Capstone Property:

"I am always thrilled with the final products. Overall, I'd say College Rentals is a first-class website."

Cynthia Armstrong - Capstone Properties :

"The great part is people come in and remember where they saw our listing! They do not say, 'oh some website. . .' they say, ' I saw it on College Rentals. This is invaluable when it comes to deciding where the 'always in short supply' marketing dollars should go."

Sally Ann Wilson - A M J :

"I am very pleased with the results I have received from College Rentals. It really seems to appeal to the students unlike some of the other guides in town that cater to a larger area. Again, I have prospects specifically naming your guide. And for a property such as Gatorwood, it will help with marketing because it appears as if that property has a website. We are constantly receiving emails through CollegeRentals.com. "

Tracey L. Parker - Campus Club :

"We get great exposure from College Rentals. I have seen traffic generated we wouldn't of gotten without collegerentals.com. We have enjoyed working with What's Happening Publications and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. We could not have reached our leasing goals without them."

Matt Merkle - Royal Village :

"Royal Village at the University of Florida recently began working with CollegeRentals.com. Since the beginning of this relationship with Royal Village has been thoroughly pleased and excited to work with CollegeRentals.com. We have noticed an increase it "hits" and traffic because of this site. In every way we recommend CollegeRentals.com's service to any and all companies looking for new residents."

Joanna Silbaugh - Campus Lodge :

"The College Rentals website has generated much needed traffic to our site. It is a professionally designed website and has all the information a future resident is looking for. I highly recommend College Rentals to any apartment community looking to capture new residents."

Joe Goodwin - Asset Campus Housing :

"CollegeRentals.com has helped the ACH portfolio tremendously in expanding our online exposure. It's like a second property website! Great results and great people. With a portfolio this large, it gives me peace of mind. CollegeRentals.com is there to help our properties through the leasing season."

June - Spicetree Apartments :

"Thank you so much. We will not be ending the contract at the end of July. Your pricing is excellent and after more review we do get traffic and rentals from you. Thank you for your help and getting my password reset."

Jenna S. - Spyglass Apartments :

"Wow! Thank you collegerentals.com for making my apartment search so easy. I was searching through a bunch of the apartment websites and couldn't find many (any?) in my budget that I actually liked until I tried your site. Now, I'm happy to say I'm typing this from my FIRST apartment!"

Britni B. - The Polos :

"CollegeRentals.com is the best! Everything me and my roommates needed to find the perfect place!"

Brian Middleton - Campus Club :

"I wasn't able to physically visit any UF apartments before transferring from the Midwest (I won't mention the school for fear of shaming myself or going off on a rant) and relied heavily on your website to find a room. Love all the pics, especially of the pool. That's what sold this Midwestern on my new Florida home."

Eric Stine - Apartment name not disclosed :

"Great site. Great search engine. Great info on properties. Began my search and found my new home later that same day after checking availability through your site."

John Heise - Treehouse Village :


"Where the rental market has become tougher than ever, I can not afford to make advertising mistakes. in 2003, my number one source of new traffic was College Rentals and Treehouse Village was listed on every rental website in town. Dollar for dollar, an ad in College Rentals is the best advertising money that I can spend."


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