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A : It looks like Barclay Heights has the least expensive one bedroom apartments in Indiana, PA! They are about $475. If you want a 4 bedroom apartment to split the rent among other people, Copper Beech has their 4 bedroom apartment at $1460 (split between 4 people would be $365 each).

A : These are individual leases, so the rates are per person!

A : You can see more pictures (including the inside of the units) at:

recent reviews
By: Corinne Osmanski on August 26, 2015
If I could give no stars I would. This was one of the worst experiences of my life. My roommates and I kept the place in great condition and we were promised to be roommate matched. Midway through the year they moved a previously homeless elderly woman into our apartment. We were a room with 20 something girls and she would constantly bring her dangerous and questionable associates into our home. My one roommate was borderline sexually assaulted by one of her "friends". After numerous phone calls and emails regarding our safety I never even received a courtesy email response back. This went on for MONTHS. The cable and internet never worked and they often turned off the air conditioning. I paid a deposit for future damages at the beginning of my lease. They are now trying to charge my roommates and I close to $1000 combined for damages on top of our deposits. The worst our rooms had was perhaps tack holes. My room had a broken closet door when I moved in that I put a work order in for. It was never fixed and they are now trying to charge me for the broken door they never repaired. My roommates and I are debating taking them to court. Do not live here. I repeat DO NOT LIVE HERE. I didn't listen and now I am being screwed over.
Rated : 1/5 (1 Vote)
By: jessica hsue on March 18, 2015
nice location with mall nearby.
Rated : 3/5 (1 Vote)
By: jessica hsue on March 18, 2015
great location beautiful rooms.
Rated : 4/5 (1 Vote)
nearby downtown
By: jessica hsue on March 18, 2015
great location real close to BSU and downtown!
Rated : 3/5 (1 Vote)
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