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A : It looks like Barclay Heights has the least expensive one bedroom apartments in Indiana, PA! They are about $475. If you want a 4 bedroom apartment to split the rent among other people, Copper Beech has their 4 bedroom apartment at $1460 (split between 4 people would be $365 each).

A : These are individual leases, so the rates are per person!

A : You can see more pictures (including the inside of the units) at:

recent reviews
horible , not recomanded at all
By: eliran on June 25, 2015
Don't ever think about renting an apartment over there . they are money hunger. the most dishonest landlord . just so you all know , I' m taking them over to court . I've paid my lease every month on time . when I moved they charge me bunch of fees just not to give me my deposit back . I had a white closet over there that before I left the apartment I called the property manger ( I don't if that the right job title I should called her ) and she said you can leave it there , "don't worry about that " , when I picked up my deposit I've seen they charge me 150 $ for " cleaning" and 100$ for removing discard item ( white closet) . the property manger said she sorry but this is not on her hand . this place is a totally joke , I'm so glad I'm out of there
Rated : 1/5 (1 Vote)
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