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Tempe is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona. The city is home of Arizona State University. Many of the reasons people visit Tempe are events like P.F. Chang's Rock 'n' Roll Arizona Marathon & 1/2 Marathon, Tempe Marketplace, Arizona Mills, Mill Avenue, and Tempe Town Lake.

With over 80 college apartments to choose from, you will be able to find the perfect apartment that matches your needs, when you're making Tempe your new home!

You can find student apartments for rent near Arizona State University, University Center, Rio Salado College, and plenty of other places around town. Each apartment listing contains photos, floor plans, amenities, and more.

Tempe Stats
State: Arizona
Incorporated: November 29, 1894
ZIP Code: 85281, 85282, 85283, 85284, 85285, 85287
Area Stats
City: 40.2 sq mi (102.30 km2)
Land: 40.1 sq mi (103.8 km2)
Water: 0.1 sq mi (0.3 km2)
Elevation: 1,140 - 1,495 ft (347.47 - 455.68 m)
City: 161,719
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A : There are a few nice apartments near the hospital (close to ASU not the children's hospital). I would suggest checking out Sonoma Park, Onnix Apartments, San Marbeya, and San Portella. I hope this helps your apartment search.

recent reviews
Fun but Loud
By: Carolyn on October 5, 2015
This was a nice place for my first year at ASU. The colors is what attracted me to the apartment. I had the studio and it was a nice size for what I paid. It\'s definitely for college students and the surrounding areas were loud most nights.
Rated : 4/5 (1 Vote)
ASU student living here for a second year
By: Stephanie on August 26, 2015
This is my second year living here! My roommates and I all decided to live here for a second year since we enjoyed living together for the first year. The rent is affordable, considering how big the apartments are. I am definitely saving money by living here. I can wake up in the morning and run to class within 30 minutes. No spending money on getting in my car and driving to find a parking space around campus. The proximity is great! The grounds are always kept up, the maintenance is super quick, and the staff is always nice. My parents enjoy the fact that I feel safe and that it is quite enough for me to focus on studying and getting good grades.
Rated : 5/5 (1 Vote)
Terrible Place to Live
By: Jason on July 13, 2015
Only giving it one start because they are making me give it a star. This place is simply the worst, and all start with management. They are unresponsive and unhelpful, only worried about their bottom line. The staff is distant and unhelpful, often act as though we, as residents, are taking up their time. Even though I paid for a parking pass. I have gotten my vehicle towed multiple times without any remorse from the office. They speak it your fault for their shitty parking pass system, that relies on the owner of the vehicle to have zero human error when parking. You must, at all times parked, have a parking pass on the rear-view mirror, even though a name and car are on file and have \been for three years. AND, on top of towing my vehicle from spot, twice and making me pay, AND they took 2 months to fix a leak directly over my bed. THEY, they being the "brilliant" staff at Villas on Apache, opened my mail. A textbook was delivered to the complex, without a name. Rather than return it upon opening MY mail and seeing it a wasn't their's, they held on to the package, opened and without someone to claim it. I checked for three weeks, seeing if my textbook had come in, and they said no. Finally, after the third week they had said there was a package there for which they had no name. They matched the package to me. after i had already missed a test and a half. Long story short. NEVER live in Villas on Apache. I promise you will find somewhere better, somewhere cheaper, and somewhere where they aren't doing everything they can to squeeze every dollar out of their resident. Rent when i first moved in, three ago, was 639.00, it now sits at 729, and looks to be getting even pricier, for probably the worst product in the area. When it comes down to it, and you have your choice of places to live, I promise you can do better than Villas on Apache. Horrible Management. The Boss simply does not care about anything other than her money. If the complex ruined your time there, well who cares because she already got your money.
Rated : 1/5 (1 Vote)
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